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Welcome To Ile Osikan

Peace, blessings, and good health to all. May Olorun and the Orishas bless us all with prosperity, peace, and understanding May our Ori’s be strong and continue to guide us on our right paths through faith and trust. May our Egun continue to teach us our traditions and to always give us good health and strength to persevere. Ase’.

This is an attempt to keep members of our Ile abreast of what is going on at the Ile. Your Ile is your spiritual center/mother house where you come to learn and interact.

For our guest and newer members:

Ile Osikan is a Yoruba center located on the south side of Chicago, which is dedicated to the followers of the Yoruba Lucumi worshipers. Ile Osikan was the first African American Ile located in Chicago that has initiated followers in to the Lucumi religion of Nigeria, founded by Iyalosha Asabi (Priestess of Eleggua). Ile Osikan is a spiritual organization committed to fostering spiritual awareness and advancement. Our philosophy is based on tenets of Ifa and West Africa/Afro-Cuban philosophy. Consistent with Ifa doctrine, participation in the organization is not based upon race, creed or sex. Support and guidance in individual growth is provided for all. This growth leads to spiritual advancement within the religious and civic community.


I want to thank all of you for your support. In the future I will have more information to share here. For now, may Elegba continue to bless you with ire (good luck), alafia (peace), and long life.

To Iban Esu
Iya Asabi Agongoloju

Esu Dance Wand
A messenger and mediator between gods and men, and the deity of disharmony, Eshu, is the trickster and mischief-maker in Yoruba lore. A rich mythology surrounds the contradictory character of Eshu, who is both lovable and dangerous, personifying that which cannot be explained.

Eshu's attributes include a long, curved headdress, sometimes with a face at the tip, a flute, medicine gourds, and strands of cowry shells. His devotees in festivals and dances carry Eshu staffs.

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